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All the latest news on Enel X e-Mobility

Today’s savvy homeowners are increasingly using networked thermostats, app-controlled lighting, and energy-efficient appliances to manage creature comforts and electricity bills. The smart home revolution goes into overdrive when residents buy an...
This review by Transport Evolved includes the demonstration of the installation process, what makes the new JuiceBox unit different from the previous one, “why it's smarter than some charging stations”.There is also a step-by-step guide of the...

Who doesn’t want to save money on their next vehicle purchase? One of the more appealing aspects of shopping for an electric car or charging station is the wide range of federal, state, local, and utility incentives available, which can add up to...
Giovanni Bertolino from Enel X joins the Norton Rose Fulbright show to discuss the rapidly evolving electric vehicle sector and the potential impact on the renewable grid, Enel X’s role in energy and transportation, some of the broader impacts of...

When Tesla revealed the all-electric Model S, auto and tech enthusiasts alike scrambled to get on the waiting list. In the same spirit as the sportier Roadster, the Model S boasted world-class acceleration, cutting-edge technology, unparalleled...


Stay up to date on all Enel X e-mobility news

The latest smart charging news and developments from Enel X

Stay up to date on all Enel X e-mobility news

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